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What is God calling you to do with your life? When pressed with this question, many of us struggle to see how our unique personalities, passions, and past experiences come together for one, full life of following Jesus. Our day-to-day existence can feel fragmented, as we manage all of life’s demands while also trying to keep God as our first priority.

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#LiveFully challenges readers’ view of the Christian life, vibrantly illustrating how following Jesus transforms all 7 areas of personal life and impacts all 7 channels of culture.

#LiveFully is for people of all ages, and especially relevant for:

• Young adults in the work force and students in college and high school, seeking to find their purpose and place in the world

• Church leaders and pastors who want to empower church members and students to step into their God-given calling and live with passion for Jesus every day of the week

• Those who are discontent with a spiritual life that doesn’t engage with cultural issues, and those who want to make an impact in sectors and professions outside the “church” world.

Do you want the most full life on the planet? This is exactly the invitation of Jesus, and this book reveals what the full life looks like and  how we practically experience it each and every day.

 How can God do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” if we aren’t imagining that much in the first place? It’s time to re-imagine the greatest calling on earth and grab hold of the life you were created to live. 

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Directly from #LiveFully
Directly from #LiveFully

What Others Are Saying

"Brian Burchik’s book sheds new light on the calling of Jesus. Many Christians are tired of a faith that doesn’t integrate into every part of their lives. Guided by Scripture, #LiveFully reveals how following Jesus brings unity to all of life, filling us with passion and purpose.”
Curt Beavers, author, I Call Shotgun, international entrepreneur, M.A. Christian Counseling
"Brian Burchik is an emerging voice that needs to be heard. Let #LiveFully challenge your view of life and purpose and catalyze you toward all the you were created to be "
Dave Rhodes, author, speaker, U.S. team leader of 3DM
"Brian, has done an amazing job at writing this paradigm-changing book. It's title of #LiveFully may not initially strike you as paradigm-changing, but as Brian takes you step-by-step and chapter-by-chapter into what that means you will discover that the particular brand of American Christianity we have been experiencing falls short of life to the full. This book is written in a very entertaining and easy-to-read style and yet it carries a powerful punch. I whole-heartedly endorse it as a work that encourages seeing the kingdom of God now."
Johnny Enlow, author, The 7 Mountain Prophecy, The 7 Mountain Mantle
”Brian Burchik is a gifted teacher and communicator, and I know this because he was my pastor for four years. People of all ages will find #LiveFully to be hopeful, challenging, and inspiring. Brian builds a solid, biblical foundation for how following Jesus is the best life we could ever live.”
Walker Zimmerman, MLS professional soccer player, FC Dallas

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About the Author

Brian Burchik is creator and author of #LiveFully. He believes that followers of Jesus should live the most full lives on the planet.

Prior to the creation of #LiveFully in 2011, Brian worked for 6 years as a student pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Snellville, Ga. During his time as a pastor, Brian Burchik obtained a Masters in Transformational Leadership from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota (2011).

Brian and Erin have one child, Amyra, and are in the adoption process for three more kids. Brian is an avid coffee drinker with a weak spot for pop music.