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Evan Forester —  November 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

Hi everyone, Evan here. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over 5 years since Brian came to me with the idea to launch #LiveFully. I was honored to help and it’s been fun watching #LiveFully grow. Since then, we’ve written hundreds of blog posts and Brian has done incredible work with the #LiveFully book and course.

I’m now excited to share something new that I’ve been working on. After writing more than 150 #LiveFully blog posts, I started thinking more about a unique perspective on the gospel I could provide. Several months of planning, research, trial and error, prayer, and more have led me to today. Earlier this week I did a soft launch of a new website called Embracing Exile, and you guys are some of the first to hear about it.

Now, why on earth would I name a website Embracing Exile? For the full story, you can read the About page. But here is the short answer: As Believers, we are part of the Kingdom of God. Despite this, we’re all living in a world that does not know God. Embracing Exile takes the principles of Jeremiah 29:5-7 and 1 Peter 2-3 and explains what Christian living should look like in a secular world in a thoughtful, occasionally humorous way.

nehemiah-book-coverThere are three main categories of posts, and each one deals with how we live for God’s Kingdom in a specific area of life – the workplace, the community, and the family. As we often said around #LiveFully, life with God isn’t just about Sundays, life with God fills all.

So I hope you will visit Embracing Exile and consider subscribing. If you do subscribe, you’ll get a free ebook that I’ve spent the last few months writing. It’s called Lead Like an Exile: 15 Leadership Principles from the Book of Nehemiah. Each Principle includes a story from the book of Nehemiah and applies a leadership principle to our modern lives. Nehemiah wasn’t a prophet, priest, or king. He was a great leader with a vision, and he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem when no one thought it was possible. I’ve learned so much about leadership while writing this book, and if you read it, I’m sure you will become a better leader as well.

Once again, thanks for your support of #LiveFully over the years. I hope you will continue to support the #LiveFully movement! And of course, I hope you consider joining Embracing Exile. I’d love to stay in touch.

God bless,

Evan Forester

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This post was by Evan, an adventure enthusiast learning to #LiveFully in New Zealand. He now writes for Embracing Exile.