The Village By the Sea

Evan Forester —  August 6, 2012 — 10 Comments

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I admit it.

Sometimes I feel just a wee bit jealous of people I follow on Facebook. They live such impressively full lives.  They fly to conferences in Vegas, they attend concerts at the Ryman, they go on vacation to Ireland.

They host parties that are peopled with an eclectic, elegant blend of writers and artists, movers and shakers.  They hob nob with people who are accomplished in their field and it appears that even their children and their pets live breathless lives of unadulterated fascinations.

And me?

I live in a small town on an island by the sea.   We have one movie theater that shows one movie a week.  Some of the kids in our High School have never even been on an escalator.  If more than six cars line up at one of our few traffic lights, we know that we are having Major Rush Hour.  I rarely travel and when I do, it’s usually just two hours away for follow up visits with my oncologist.

(Yep.  It’s pretty pitiful when a person looks forward to going to their oncologist simply because it provides them with a little jaunt out of town.)

Although my pastor husband and I host plenty of wonderful and interesting church people in our home, we rarely have opportunities to be all swoopy and hang out in cool places with impeccably attired, exquisitely sophisticated folks. In fact, dressing up for our crowd usually means pulling out the Sunday flip flops instead of the casual flip flops. (I’m not even kidding.)

Last week, when my husband and daughter and I were looking for a wild entertainment extravaganza idea for Family Night, we decided that we would listen to an audio book instead of watching a DVD.  We figured it would take us back a few decades to the days when families gathered around the radio, thinking it was the coolest, cutting-edgiest thing ever.

So we got ourselves settled comfortably on our capacious couch with our snacks and our pillows. We leaned against each other in cozy companionship, feet propped up and dog snoozing while the whisper of the summer rain turned our home into a sweet and serene cocoon.

And you know what?  Sitting there with people I love, I suddenly realized that everything I needed to be happy was in that room. I didn’t need a plane ticket to anywhere exotic because I had already arrived at my place of joy.  And I couldn’t help but think, “Is this not a good life?  A full life?”

Now having just espoused one of the joys of living simply, let me add that I don’t have a bit of a problem with people whose days are filled with travel and excitement, activity and adrenalin.  If that’s you, go for it.  Do what makes your soul sing!

But if you happen to be a little more like me and live a quieter life that might be considered to be stifling at worst and boring at best, just remember this. To live fully is to find the corner of the planet that God designed you to inhabit and to brand it with the uniquely cool giftings that only you can bring to the table.

You are the only one who can live your life fully.  And whether that means riding a jet to Vegas or pedaling a bike to the corner store, do it fully. 

My goal for this sweet, precious, non-impressive life I’ve been called to is to be fully present every day. My goal is to be fully committed to living the life that was designed by God–just for me.

I’m happy right where I am.  Living simply.  Living fully. Living large.

Even in a small village by the sea.

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This post was by Evan, an adventure enthusiast learning to #LiveFully in New Zealand. He now writes for Embracing Exile.