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We’re always looking for fresh organizations and people who are Living Fully. Part of our mission is “to celebrate followers of Jesus impacting (not escaping) culture.” If you’re one of those followers, we want to celebrate you! For most people, this means an interview or a guest post right here on our blog.

In order to become a Community Member, just send us an e-mail ([email protected]) telling us about who you are, what you’re doing, and where your website is. We’ll review your information, and if you are approved, we’ll share about you right here!

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Community Members:

Austin Dannhaus: Austin is a passionate educator and founder of the non-profit We, The Readers, which promotes community through literacy.  Whether or not you work in education, you will be encouraged by his efforts, so check out his #LF interview.

Bryan Allain: This man is a blogging genius. First off, he has a hilarious humor blog. Secondly, he has a blog writers training and community site called My Killer Tribes. There he helps people find their voice and build a “killer tribe” so that they can make a deeper difference in the world. Check out his story today, and enjoy the podcast recording of the interview!

Christine Niles. She is a writer and corporate refugee with a heart for orphans, and a mother of two girls adopted from Ukraine at ages 12 and 14.  Christine blogs about adoption, parenting, and making a difference in the world. You should read Christine’s story: 153 Million Orphans Cannot be Ignored.

David Wenzel: David Wenzel lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, he’s an Idea Architect for his content development firm RobinHood Ink. He’s also one of 6 contributors for the new book “Inciting Incidents” by Moody Publishing Company. He shared the story behind his inoperable brain tumor with us.

Jason Yost: Jason is a gifted musician, worship leader, and founder of the New Rhythm Project, which is a non-profit organization that works to educate, communicate, and facilitate local communities to care for orphans and vulnerable children across the globe. Read his story on #LiveFully.

Jason Young: Jason is a successful entrepreneur and an incredible husband and father. He has even published his own book! Check out Jason’s story.

Jeff Goins: Jeff is a writer who is passionate about helping people become better writers. He also encourages people to get “wrecked” by experiencing life outside your own perfect bubble. We interviewed him about art, the full life, and making a difference in culture and recorded the whole thing on video. Watch (or listen or read) Jeff’s wisdom unfold or visit his website, Goins Writer.

Nightlight International: Did you know? “There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.” Nightlight is an organization that works to find girls trapped in the industry, set them free, and teach them a trade so that they can provide for themselves and their family. Many of their girls make high quality jewelry and all the profits go to the girls. The jewelry is incredible and can be purchased in their jewelry store.

Paige Knudsen: I first heard Paige’s story 2.5 years ago, and the wisdom and faith and hope in the Lord she demonstrated astounded me. Learn how she has grown in her faith since losing her husband to brain cancer in her story page and check out Paige’s website, Simple Thoughts.

Peace of Thread: Peace of Thread is an incredible organization that empowers women who have come to the United States seeking refuge from war, persecution & poverty to make a new life for themselves and their families. Check out their hand-made, high quality and one-of-a-kind accessories in the Peace of Thread Store

Sterling Graves:  An incredible young photographer, Sterling turned his favorite hobby into a successful, growing business at the age of seventeen. As a young man with tons of creativity, he loves to serve people through the art of photography. Read his story on #LiveFully or check out Sterling’s company.

Steve Goble: Steve Goble a certified Coach, Teacher, & Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He partners with you to find solutions to problems, accomplish your goals, and achieve your dreams. Read his guest post Step Away from the Roller Coaster or visit his website, the Goble Group.

Tayler Buono: Tayler is a musical artist that is passionate about creating songs that impact the world. She was a contestant on the CW’s TV show “The Next,” and now has over a million views on her Youtube channel.

Walker Zimmerman: Professional soccer player (FC Dallas) in the MLS. He follows Jesus and shares his passion through his love and excellence on the soccer field.