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The Fave Five 09.19.14

Evan Forester —  September 19, 2014

1) Favorite mini-documentary: The effect of wolves on rivers

2) Favorite technological advancement: The Ikea Book Book

3) Favorite Campaign: Giving to people who give

4) Favorite eating contest: Tiny hamster vs Kobayashi

5) Favorite Hymn: One dude sings 9 parts to “I Need Thee”

The Fave Five 09.12.14

Evan Forester —  September 12, 2014

1) Favorite Meme: Forrest, Forrest Gump with Jesus


2) Favorite Camping Photos: Morning Views from the Tent by Oleg Grigoryev (Click here for more)

All Rights to Oleg Grigoryev

3) Favorite Theme Song: Lyrics to Jurrasic Park

4) Favorite Rube Golderberg: The power of optics

5) Favorite Volleyball Rally:

The Fave Five 08.22.14

Evan Forester —  August 22, 2014

The Fave Five is a collection of our favorite links from the week. Leave a comment if you’d like to share something we missed!

1) Favorite Squirrel: This guy:

2) Favorite Cat: Mulder the cat who could open a door

3) Favorite List: Organizations who are helping refugees in Northern Iraq

4) Favorite Battle with Reality: “I don’t want him to grow up!”

5) Favorite Movie Trailer: UP (if directed by Michael Bay, the director of Transformers)

6) Favorite Superhero: Spiderman in Atlanta (Bonus since we missed last week)

The Fave Five 08.01.14

Evan Forester —  August 8, 2014

The Fave Five is a collection of our favorite links from the week. Leave a comment if you’d like to share something we missed!

1) Favorite Painting: This guy (David Garibaldi) who painted Jesus in less than 2 minutes

2) Favorite Photo Collection: 15 Dogs diving in water after balls

3) Favorite Birth announcement (and Coke commercial): #Shareacoke

4) Favorite Sermon: How to know God (and why it is not an anti-rational experience) by Tim Keller


5) Favorite Commercial: How to Dad


The Fave Five 08.01.14

Evan Forester —  August 1, 2014

1) Favorite Website: The World’s Worst Website Ever

2) Favorite Retelling of a Parable: Kid Bible Stories

3) Favorite Course: AP Drivers Ed.

4) Favorite Movie Trailer (maybe ever): Interstellar

5) Other Favorite Movie Trailer: The Battle of Five Armies

Got a favorite link you want to share with us? Leave a comment!


The Fave Five 07.25.14

Evan Forester —  July 25, 2014

1. Favorite Article: Being Rich isn’t as awesome as you think

2. Favorite Business Philosophy: Lift as you climb

3. Favorite Twitter account: If you’re tired of links that serve no other purpose than to make you click, then you need to follow @SavedYouAClick

4. Favorite workout: Fungo brothers

5. Favorite reason to love others: This commercial

The Fave Five – 9.6.13

Brian Burchik —  September 6, 2013

1) Favorite Basketball Shot from 320 feet: This is world record height for a basketball shot and it’s pretty insane.

2) Favorite E-book: Is this the future of e-reading?

3) Favorite Super Mario Parkour: Classic Nintendo game in real life

4) Favorite Golf Stereotypes: if you play golf, you’ve definitely encountered these. Still funny if you don’t play.

5) Favorite Book Trailer: this is totally biased, but the new #LiveFully book trailer is pretty awesome, and it’s set to release Monday, September 16th.

The Fave Five 08.30.13

Evan Forester —  August 30, 2013

1) Favorite Prank: Japanese dinosaur prank

2) Favorite Challenge: Step out your front door

3) Favorite history lesson: The Evolution of Music A Capella

4) Favorite billboard: Drinking water out of thin air

5) Favorite speech: Ashton Kutcher shares his real name at the Teen Choice awards

Fave Five 7.12.13

Brian Burchik —  July 12, 2013

1) Favorite video about 20 Somethings:

2) Favorite commercial

3) Favorite Experiment:

4) Favorite News graphic: The Desolation of Smaug

5) Favorite Conversation with a 2 year old: 

Fave Five 06.28.13

Evan Forester —  June 28, 2013

1) Favorite Map: Top brands from each state


2) Favorite Presentation: The Evolution of the Bikini

3) Favorite Whistle: This awesome one…


4) Favorite Slam Dunk: 6’2″ Christian Terrell (upcoming senior in high school)

5) Favorite Skydiver: The guy who caught this shoe falling through the air