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1) Favorite Funny video: Shoot Christians Say

2) Favorite interview: How Christians Should be involved in Politics (by Eric Metaxas)

3) Favorite typo: 

“Unsweat Tea”

4) Favorite “magic” trick: Instant ice sculpting

5) Favorite fork in the Road: 

1) Favorite Song: On top of the World by Imagine Dragons

2) Favorite Movie Poster: Dumb and Dumbledore

3) Favorite Facts: Amazing Facts that will blow your mind

4) Favorite Dog: This guy (and this one)

5) Favorite Quote: CS Lewis

CS Lewis Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances

1) Favorite Ted Talk: The secret structure of great talks

2) Favorite Mother’s Day Message: Kid President

3) Favorite Food Testing: Kid’s taste strange foods in slow motion

4) Favorite photos: 50 Most Perfectly timed photos ever here is an example of 1 of them:

5) Favorite Compilation: Positive compilation of Russian dash cams

1) Favorite Cover Song: Ring of Fire

2) Favorite Website: Sports Balls Replaced by Cats


“I Believe I Can Fly”

3) Favorite Example of Prayer Working: “The Last Two Days” by Joy Thigpen

4) Favorite Movie Trailer(s): Tie between Star Trek 2 and Man of Steel:

5) Favorite “logical” reasons to cry: Reasons My Son is Crying

“The Neighbors Dog is Not Outside”

April fool’s day happened this week, which meant a lot of hilarious videos from companies around the globe. Here are 5 of our favorite:

1) YouTube Shuts Down to Determine a Winner:

2) Google Nose App:

3) Flying Penguins (from 2008):

4) G-Mail Blue:

5) Pizza Flavored tic-tacs:


We talk a lot about making an impact on culture around here. Today we present 5 really cool charities that make it super easy for you to literally change someone’s life. I’ve looked each of them up on Charity Navigator to confirm they have high scores, and they are all trustworthy causes. While these are not the only great causes out there, I believe they are worth sharing.

Water Aid Africa

In fact, if you share this blog post on facebook and/or twitter and let us know in the comments, we will donate a net (see cause 1) in your name. We’ll donate up to 5 nets in the names of 5 different people, so if more than 5 people share these causes then we will choose randomly. You can also be entered to get a net donated in your name if you leave a comment telling us about one of your favorite causes. Continue Reading…

1) Favorite Event: Hearing for the first time at 26

2) Favorite Retirement Plan: Mars One Project

3) Favorite Sports Commercial Parody: Football, football, football!!!

4) Favorite Broken Heart: “I just want a real live unicorn”

5) Favorite Way to Unload a Truck: Inertia

1) Favorite Dog: Becks, Who Snores like Donald Duck

2) Favorite Way to Destroy a Building: From the Inside Out

 3) Favorite Superhero: Taekwondo Spiderman

4) Favorite Animals: Kwanza the Lion Cub and Honey the Dog

5) Favorite Website: Automatic Flatterer

The Fave Five 02.22.13

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1) Favorite Stairwell: The Piano Stairs

2) Favorite Image: Calculus

3) Favorite Driving Stunt: Car does amazing backflip

4) Favorite Baby Laugh: Baby laughing at dog eating popcorn

5) Favorite Nature Video: Iceberg Explosion in Antarctica

The Fave Five 02.15.13

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1) Favorite Flash Mob: Beethoven

2) Favorite Lesson on Non-Verbal Communication: How “Power Poses” boost your confidence

3) Favorite Video To Inspire you to Change the World: Moonshot Thinking

4) Favorite Video from SNL last week: Glice to Meet You

5) Favorite Guide: Understanding Introverts