9 Simple Ways to Enjoy a More Satisfying Life

Evan Forester —  October 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

We really want to see our readers enjoy a more full and satisfying life. If that isn’t happening, we’ve failed. While ultimately, the Full Life boils down to doing one thing, there are many practical outcomes of living in relationship with Christ. Here are 9 simple ways you can enjoy a more satisfying life.

1) Get Outdoors More

I love technology, but it can be so stinking distracting. Getting outside, whether for thirty minutes in the park or 3 days in the mountains, really helps clear my mind to focus on what is important. It also reminds me how huge God is and how tiny I am. Fresh air does good things for the soul, so get outside!

A great place to spend the weekend

2) Actually Call People

Texting, e-mail, and facebook are all great. They help us stay connected better than ever before. But none of them can replace an actual conversation. Try scrolling through your phone contacts list and calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a few months. If you’re afraid of drowning in small talk, call them with some questions in mind. For instance, “Have you done any travelling lately?” or “What are you learning at school/working on at work?” It is remarkably easy, and far more satisfying than poking someone on facebook.

3) Pray Consistently and Specifically

I’ve admitted this before, but I am far from the world’s best prayer warrior. I have found, however, that praying for the same, specific thing over a long period of time is incredibly important for a full life. The longer you pray for something, the more God steers your heart into the right direction. When you pray consistently, you can also see the prayers being answered much more clearly. Life is more exciting when you constantly speak with God and can see his hand in your life.

4) Initiate hang out times

For some reason, many people don’t do anything fun with others until someone else invites them. Why not become the inviter? Call some people up and ask them to go to the movies, eat frozen yogurt, or go hiking together.

5) Decide to have a good attitude

In college, I was in a bad mood because I was just getting over being sick. I was feeling better, but still decided to be cranky. I went to class and met a freshman girl and was kind of rude to her. As class went on, I felt more and more guilty. I decided I shouldn’t be grumpy anymore, and miraculously, it worked! It may not always be that easy, but we can control our attitudes (and if we need help, God is happy to oblige when we seek him consistently). And life is simply better when you’re in a good mood. #Fact.

6) Turn off your screens when you’re with people

Our generation is prone to having 4 screens on at once: We’re watching tv, checking facebook on our laptop, texting with our phone, and playing angry birds on our iPad. Authentic relationship is hard to accomplish with that much going on. Set aside 30 minutes or an hour each night with your family where there are zero screens on. At first it will be awkward, you might even have some addiction side effects, but relationship will happen! If you need help, get everyone together to play a game and have some fun.

7) Encourage Someone New Everyday

Little known fact, when you encourage someone else, it also makes you feel better. Choose a work colleague, friend, family member, or complete stranger and give them a RCTIAT (random compliment that is also true). You’ll brighten their day, and your own.

8) Exercise

I’ve always hated running. Last Fall, I decided, “enough is enough!” and tricked myself into training for a half-marathon. It was almost always a struggle to get out the door, but I was always happy when I came back. Exercise is just good for you, and the endorphines don’t hurt either. I also found that a good music playlist makes a world of difference in happiness factor.

9) Read the Word

We’ve all heard it a billion times. “You should read the Word!” And yet, for some reason, many of us don’t. The more I read it, however, the more I realize I need it. God’s promises are incredible, His truth inspiring. We hear a lot of lies, and they can tear us down, but the Lord gives us strength and courage through the Word. Stop making excuses, get in there today.

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