Are you a Christian with spiritual schizophrenia?

Brian Burchik —  May 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Every now and then, you read a book that changes your life.  This has been the case for me over the course of the last two weeks.  The book is called “Wisdom & Wonder,” and the author is dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920). Although his “big words” can make it grueling to read at times, it is worth wading through with dictionary close by to mine out the gold he offers.

A major emphasis of #LiveFully is to rediscover a Christian theology that integrates into all of life, resulting in followers of Jesus that are impacting (not escaping) mainstreams cultures of the world. Kuyper was a brilliant mind that lived with the same conviction.

The following lines are a direct excerpt from the book.  I chose this specific passage because it draws on the need for Christians to find a theology that speaks to the entire human experience. Although written a century ago, this is still a huge need among many Christians today.

“…like every human being, the Christian also needs a certain understanding of the world in which he dwells.  If for this he receives no guidance from a Christian perspective, then he can and will have no choice but to adopt the results of unbelieving science.  In so doing, he lives with a world-and-life view that does not fit his faith, but one that irreconcilably contradicts his confession at numerous points.  This then results in experiencing schizophrenia in his thinking, whereby the content of his confession and the scientific perspective in which he labors come to exist irreconcilably alongside each other.  That destroys the unity of his thinking, and also weakens his power.  The inevitable result is that gradually his faith begins to yield to his scientific view, and without noticing it, he slips into the unbelieving mode of viewing the world.” (Wisdom and Wonder, pg 93-94)

-Why is it so important to not only have faith in Jesus, but also to consider how that faith speaks into the entire human experience? 

-What are some examples of Christians living with theological “schizophrenia” when it comes to matters of living out their faith?

You can check out Wisdom and Wonder for yourself here: Wisdom & Wonder

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