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#Story: Kawan Moore

Evan Forester —  May 17, 2012 — 1 Comment

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Today we want to introduce you to Kawan Moore. He is a founding member of Counter Culture, one of the geniuses behind Brookwood Where You At, and will graduate from high school next week.

In this interview, you will hear the story behind Brookwood Where You At, Kawan’s perspective on the Counter Culture event he and his friends hosted, and his plans for the future in college and beyond. Kawan is a great leader and is using his gifts to glorify God in incredible ways. He is a great example of living fully, and his story is worth hearing:

We love sharing these kind of stories here at #LiveFully, so send us an e-mail if you have a story of your own!

What is your favorite song these days?

We’ve got 4 great videos from around the web today. Some of them have been tweeted, but we wanted to share them here and add a couple of quick thoughts for each one.

1) Old Man in Nursing Home reacts to music: Music is certainly part of the full life. If you’ve ever wondered why people sing during church, this video explains it perfectly. And it was not even trying to…

2) “Bullseye”: We often talk about the importance of doing things with “Christian” themes well. It drives us crazy when someone makes a film or song, adds a Christian theme, and then thinks something to this effect: “other Christians will watch this because of the message. Therefore I don’t have to make it as high quality.” Continue Reading…