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Our name, “LiveFully,” comes from John 10:10. When you look at that Bible verse in context, you quickly realize that Jesus identifies himself as a shepherd, and we are his sheep.

Sheep in funny costume

Some sheep try to act like people too…

There are several ways that we are similar to sheep, but the video below is my new favorites. My wife, Morgan, teaches at a rural New Zealand school. They recently hosted Pet’s Day, and students brought their cats, dogs, chickens, cows, horses, and of course, sheep.

The highlight of her day was lamb calling, in which the children call their sheep by name. The sheep, who are being held by the parents, are then supposed to run to the kids. Students even have milk bottles waiting at the finish line, in order to help encourage the sheep to reach the prize. The first sheep to cross the finish line wins!

Here is what happened (be prepared, it’s hilarious): Continue Reading…

I studied Philosophy often while in college. I enjoyed the critical thinking I learned, but something always drove me crazy about the subject. I remember walking up to my classes, and there were often students hanging outside the building chatting about the latest ideas and solutions to world problems.

It seemed like everyone had resolved everything. “Well, I know why we exist…” or “If we want to fix America…” or “There really isn’t evil in the world, we just need to understand…”

There were dozens of different explanations for each of these issues. The problem, however, is that no one ever moved past the steps of Peabody Hall to actually pursue any solutions! All they wanted to do was sit there and discuss issues. They wanted to prove that they were smart, but they never actually did anything. Continue Reading…