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This weekend we watched Oz, the Great and Powerful in theaters. It was a good movie (not great – I’d give it a 7/10), and the main theme is one of the most common themes in story telling. In Oz, we watch the protagonist struggle to answer the question: “Who Am I?“.

He wants to be a great man that changes the world, but believes and lives like he is nothing more than a selfish con-man. Glinda calls on the Wizard to rescue the people of Oz, but only once he realizes his true identity can he actually save them.

Who I Am?

This theme is so popular, in fact, that in last year’s film, The Amazing Spiderman, the film ends with a teacher making a bold statement about story lines: “There is only one story and it is: who am I?”

Even Male Models struggle with this question. Check out the wisdom of Derek Zoolander:

I doubt this is the only story, but I imagine it is the most common. It occurs frequently throughout the Bible. Continue Reading…

Our name, “LiveFully,” comes from John 10:10. When you look at that Bible verse in context, you quickly realize that Jesus identifies himself as a shepherd, and we are his sheep.

Sheep in funny costume

Some sheep try to act like people too…

There are several ways that we are similar to sheep, but the video below is my new favorites. My wife, Morgan, teaches at a rural New Zealand school. They recently hosted Pet’s Day, and students brought their cats, dogs, chickens, cows, horses, and of course, sheep.

The highlight of her day was lamb calling, in which the children call their sheep by name. The sheep, who are being held by the parents, are then supposed to run to the kids. Students even have milk bottles waiting at the finish line, in order to help encourage the sheep to reach the prize. The first sheep to cross the finish line wins!

Here is what happened (be prepared, it’s hilarious): Continue Reading…

As people, we often believe God owes us something. We go to church, do a couple of good deeds, and then expect God to return the favor.

In high school, I had a friend who was convinced he won poker because he “went to church.” Another friend of mine once explained that because of his faithfulness to God and purity, he would land a really awesome wife. Every time I am running late to something spiritual (like a discipleship group I’m leading) and a catch a red light, I get annoyed with God. “Come on! I’m trying to be spiritual here. Throw me some help.”

I recently read a parable (Luke 17:7-10 if you’re interested) that discussed how we think God owes us something for our “service” to Him. Essentially, Jesus calls it foolish when we think God is indebted to us. And there are good reasons for this. Continue Reading…

Our move to New Zealand has taught me many lessons on a deeper level. For instance, I used to think I knew what it meant to trust God, but now I actually have to trust Him. Recently, God has been showing me the incredible importance and power of prayer.

We have now been here for about 8 weeks. In that time, we have both found jobs, bought a car, been welcomed into incredible community, moved into a house, turned it into a home, and were even given a free second vehicle. I’m not saying this to brag about ourselves, but to point out the incredible faithfulness of God. Because really, all that should have been impossible in so short a time. Continue Reading…

A few years ago I went bungee jumping. It was pretty awesome.

Before I made the jump, I sat on the sidelines listening to a friend, Amy, have a conversation with a bungee employee. She said, “is this really safe?”

He replied, “Of course! In 20 years we haven’t had any deaths or serious injuries.”

Meanwhile, I was busy scoffing on the sidelines. “Of course it is safe! How else could they run a successful business if it wasn’t safe?”

It was easy to trust in the bungee from the sidelines. I had nothing to lose! But then it was my turn…

I walked to the edge of the bridge. The river suddenly seemed way too far away. My head began to spin, and maybe it was just my legs shaking, but I’m pretty sure the canyon started shifting. Amy’s question suddenly made a lot of sense! Continue Reading…

#Stories: Paige Knudsen

Evan Forester —  April 25, 2012

Today we would like you to meet Paige Knudsen. I first heard her story 2.5 years ago, and the wisdom and faith and hope in the Lord she demonstrated astounded me.

As we’ve said before, to #LiveFully does not mean everything goes perfect in your life. But it does mean that God is with us, both through the trials and the triumphs. There is peace that comes from His presence that transcends all understanding.

I don’t want to give away too much, but when Paige was pregnant with her third child, her husband was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer that took his life 9 months later. Through everything, she clung to God’s promises. Over the years, she has seen God’s provision in incredible ways and the story has a “happy ending,” but you would rather here the whole thing from her. Watch this:

My favorite line? Easy: “The same God that was with me and rejoiced with me on the day when I was a bride to Dan, was that exact same God that was with me and beside me when I was a widow at Greg’s graveside.”

So awesome. #LiveFully.

Paige has an excellent blog that you need to check out right here. It’s full of wisdom, great pictures, and “simple thoughts” that are surprisingly deep.

A few weeks before proposing to my wife, I skipped class at UGA to meet with her Dad over lunch at a local Chili’s. I wanted his blessing in marrying his daughter, and somehow convinced him I deserved it. During our conversation, however, he told me a story and gave me a challenge that will stick with me forever.

Paul and Marge on their way to some hot springs

My wife’s grandparents, Paul and Marge, were married in their late teens. Just a few years into marriage, Marge contracted polio. We don’t worry much about polio anymore, but back then it was a terrifying disease. She was put into isolation and spent significant time in an iron lung. As a result of polio, Marge would never walk again. Continue Reading…